Web App Project

Our client wanted us to create a web app to facilitate the dispatching process for companies in the construction industry. They wanted to easily be able to determine team locations on a map on a given day and time, and be able to assign jobs to appropriate teams by proximity to a new job. They also wanted to be able to easily search for teams, clients, and site visits. Tech stack – html, css, bootstrap, javascript, jade, node, express, postgreSQL, Google Maps javascript API, and Full Calendar.
“The gooWee guys were absolutely responsible for the success of our first deployed web app. They were flexible and adaptable as our requirements inevitably evolved. Without their ability to effectively pivot and deliver, we never would have gotten our app out into the wild. Best of all, it works and looks great! Looking forward to continued business with them.”

Zach Dischner | CoordinateIt


Filter by team, change the calendar’s timespan, or click to see site visits in list form. Check a team’s schedule for the day of best-fit, and then create a new visit for that day.


View a calendar of the current week’s scheduled visits, and corresponding locations on the map. Filter by team, select specific clients for more information, including a list of scheduled visits.

Customer Profile

View and edit a customer’s profile plus see future site visits. Search existing client visits by time and place range to find the best opportunity to schedule new visits.