New Years Resolution: Modernize Your Website


If your grand itinerary for the next trip around the sun includes the addition of a new or improved web presence to represent yourself or your organization to the world, congratulations! There's no better time to bring your planet-facing message up to speed with the latest in modern web development.

If your goal is to modernize, here are a few items at the top of the list…

Mobile Optimization: Since half of all web surfers these days are browsing with their phones, if your site doesn’t look good or is difficult to interact with a small screen, you’re likely to lose your users before they even figure out what they’re looking at.

Accessibility: Think of a building with no wheelchair access, or a TV show with no closed captions. That’s the same thing as a website that doesn’t meet current accessibility standards. Internet access has become a human need, so of course there are ways to make website content accessible to all. In fact it's an ADA requirement. Is your website compliant?

Encryption: In the 90’s the internet was wide open, like a bank with no vault. But this is 2019. Our well-being is tied to the internet more than ever, and we require dependability and security from our web technology. Google knows this. That’s why in the past year, they moved to make encryption the default for web browsing. If your site is not encrypted, Google will warn your users not to trust you. Who can afford that?

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