As entrepreneurs and small business owners we understand the value of community. In fact our community is the bedrock of our existence. We’d be nothing without it, and so we are compelled and excited to give back. This is fundamental to our company culture.



Over the years we've worked with a number of non-profits in the Boulder and Denver area. We've donated our time and made contributions in the form of discounts for our services to various organizations that we support. These organizations include, Mi Casa Resource Center, The Liv Project, Longmont Startup Week, Colorado Search and Rescue Association, and more. We are always happy to help organizations that want to make a difference in our community.

Community Development

In addition to contributing our services, we've also had a passion for sharing our knowledge and experience. We've mentored high-school students who were learning to code, we founded and co-hosted the Boulder React Meetup, we've provided beginner Wordpress classes at local libraries, we've participated in meetups and panels on topics ranging from startups, career changes, and coding. Additionally, we are creating free digital content in the form of blog posts and youtube videos to educate people on topics ranging from cryptocurrency to web design. We've done these things at no cost to attendees.