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Specializing in wedding photography since 1993 and having shot over 1500 weddings, Everett Stout's goal is to give you the life long gift of being able to relive your amazing day and the love and celebration that came with it, each time you look at your photos, or wedding album.

Everett Stout has a passion for what he does, and a huge desire to not only give you the very best imagery, but to help make the photography a memorable, fun and completely stress free experience.

Everett and Family
Creative Focus Logo is a redesign of Creative Focus Photoraphy's original flash website. Everett wanted to modernize his site with an elegant and responsive design, which he could update on his own, adding photos and updating content as necessary. The site was built using the bootstrap design library. Features include a wordpress blog, contact form, carousel, mobile responsiveness, and image galleries for displaying Everett's amazing work.

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